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The Man and The Wind
A lone man sat atop the mountain which had peaks piercing the clouds. He saw not the sky. He heard not a chirp from the robin’s nest. He smelled no sweet grass. He felt not even the coldest breeze. He was alone, and he was happy.
The wind could not understand him. The wind felt the sunlight’s warmth, smelled fresh buns from a grandmother’s oven, heard the new mewls of a cat’s litter and saw the beauty of autumn’s bright leaves. Yet, the wind was not happy. “I can sense all beauty in the world and I know of all good things. So how is it I am not happy, while you, alone and ignorant, are?”
The man could not answer as he did not know the wind spoke, and his voice was gone from time. Instead, his silence allowed the wind to ponder how this could possibly be. The difference was that it could know all while the man knew nothing.
The wind loved the world, but as much was utopia and pure, much more was twisted and wrong. It could hear the pleading scre
:iconinsanitycreator:InsanityCreator 2 3
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Come back...
           Slowly, Oliver’s hazy consciousness returned to him, his vision blurring, and his head aching. Shakily staggering to his feet, he tried to clear his vision, only to find his hands pretty badly burned, and splashed with a little blood. Sudden realization dawned on him as he realized what had happened. He’d lost control. Releasing a panicked squeak when he realized Martin was with him, he started to search for the blond elf frantically, hoping he could have gotten away. It wasn’t hard, and he was surprised he hadn’t noticed earlier, Martin not far from where he woke up. Words escaped him as he stared blankly at what was in front of him.
           “M-Martin…?” He stupidly uttered, tears forming in his eyes. There was no response, though he wasn’t sure why he expected an answer, staring at the disdainful pool of crimson blood that was widened to an impossible amount.
:iconthe-caster-of-spells:The-Caster-Of-Spells 5 0
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OKAY. So my computer was completely busted finally! Because window's XP is so frickin' old. I got a my first phone which was how I uploaded pictures, but that's about all I could do because I couldn't figure out the dumb app? That and school's been a nightmare this semester and I just finally got a new computer set up! It's weird as all hell because now I can play games on this computer and everything doesn't lag to all hell. And websites work?? And I can access steam?? So basically, it's awesome. But yeah, I can finally get back on here! Just wanted to like. Give an update or something? So people know I'm not dead. I mean, I might be very soon when I have to deal with exams, but for now I live!

Also I've been hella into Red vs Blue lately, which has sucked mainly since I have no one to talk about it to. Just a note I guess. If anyone watches Red vs Blue and is trapped with no one to talk about it to then I guess hit me up?? That'd be cool.

tldr: Computer died, new phone, moved computer, I live.
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Hello everyone! I'm TheDemonicAssassin, but just call me Annette. Why? I don't wanna get mixed up with my character, Demonic... I enjoy drawing and sketching pictures, as well as writing so expect that kind of stuff from me. Though I shall warn you now. Things may get a little hectic. So proceed with caution.

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Power Armour is hard to draw
I've been into Red Vs. Blue lately and as often happens when I'm into something, I want to draw it. I then realized something:
Power armour SUCKS.

It's really hard to draw and I'm also super bad at it?? This image was a mix of my frustration at the concept, as well as practice. I think it looks okay, but knowing me, I'll come back in a week and hate this. This is how you improve though! And at least I can erase digitally. I tend to use pens irl. X'D

Ah, and bonus note! I need to draw my avatar more often, she's cute.



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